Billy Martin Jr.

Billy grew up in major league baseball, you could say it is in his genes. Billy Martin, his father, is one of MLB’s most colorful, outstanding players and managers in history. After a successful TV production career creating shows like: "Sunday Night Showtime" "The Scoop" with Kevin Kennedy "Playoff Fantasy Baseball Weekly" "Playoff Fantasy Football Weekly" Billy founded Proagents Inc. in 1995 and is currently an MLB agent. In addition to his MLB career as a successful agent Billy has worked in baseball as A Baseball coach Pantego Christian academy 2013 And Manager Texas AirHogs 2017 Director of Baseball Operations Texas AirHogs 2017-2020 His favorite part of being in baseball is developing young players for the future Billy has always admired musicians and will be using his negotiating skills from sports to work with venues to place the best in entertainment for shows around the country.